Nursing Crests

A seal or crest is traditionally used to symbolize a specific individual, family or country. Seals and crests relate a variety of information, including behaviors, beliefs and actions, by how they are presented. Used on official documents, rings, banners and flags, seals and crests are designed in various shapes and sizes. The designer of Lorrain’s crest below created it with the intent of displaying the qualities that the school and its students were meant to reflect and aspire to.



(the escutcheon or circular shape of the Lorrain crest)


Components of the crest are:

  1. The “Supporters”  - the open book representing learning, the heart representing care and concern for the patient and the lighted lamp representing a reminder of Nightingale’s nursing service to mankind  - located on each side of the LSN logo;
  2. The “Crest” – the crowning item placed at the top. It is most often a crown or for religious individuals – an insignia of faith. In this logo, the crown represents the heavenly goal and reward of the nurse;
  3. The “logo” – “Fidelis in Omnibus”. Usually written in Latin, it is intended to represent the characteristic of the persons for whom the crest was made. In this case, the translation indicates that the Lorrain nurse would be “Faithful in Everything” Or “Faithful in All Things”.