Faculty Through The Years

L-R –Miss Margaret Egan,
Mrs,. Dickenson,
Miss Geraldine Godin.
Absent – Miss Helen Hogue
L-R –Mrs. Mary McBride,
Miss Myra Cloutier,
Mrs. Gisele Shields,
Miss Laura Quiat
  THIRD YEAR TEACHERS & HEALTH NURSE  L-R –Sister Grace Robertson, Mrs. Merita Etmanskie, Miss Jill Derouin, Mrs. Connie Bergeron

Faculty and Secretarial Staff of the Lorrain School of Nursing get together for a meeting in the school’s library. From l-r are  Mrs. Pat Wickware, Mrs. Dorothy Goudie, Sister Grace Robertson ( Sister Mary Martha), Miss Maragaret Egan, Mrs. Merita Etmanskie, Sister Rena Spooner ( Sister Mary Rena), Sister Madeleine Brownrigg ( Sister St. Cuthbert) , Mrs. Constance Bergeron, Miss Mary McKibbon, Mrs. Theresa Robinson, Mrs. Florence Cashion, and Miss Barbara Collins.

Mrs. Audrey Gillingham
Clinuical Teacher -OBS
Mrs D. Robinson
Clinical Teacher - Nursery
Sister Mary Melanie
Supervisor & Clinical Teacher - Surgery
Sister Mary Geraldine
Operating Room
Sister Mary Andrew
Lecturer in Psychology
Mrs. Elizabeth Porritt
Social Sciences Teacher
Mrs. Carol Spooner
Clinical teacher - Medecine
Miss Isabelle Kenopic
Clinical teacher - OR
Mrs. Florence Bentley
Science Teacher
Miss Gisele Gervais
Clinical Teacher- Surgery
Sister Mary Henrietta
Supervisor & Cliical
Teacher Medicine
Sister St. Gerald
Supervisor & Clinical Teacher - OBS