Class of 1975

L - R standing::  Faye (Dunn) Antler, Georgina (Kranz) Kuehl – 1956 [teacher], Paulette (Cliché) Gallagher, Mary (McKibbon) McBride – 1962 [teacher], Sister Rita Kehoe – 1956 [Director 1966-75], Kathy (Giroux) Blais, Iris (Schreader) Klatt – 1968 [teacher], Juanita (Allison) Coburn, Geraldine Godin – 1963 [teacher].

L - R kneeling: Mary (McKinnon) Morris, Mary (Burke) Lever, Kathy (Rosamond) Pulcine, Gisele (Montgomery) Peeke and Barb (Wendorf) Burke.


Reunion song from Grads of 1975
Sept. 22, 2018   
( sang to the tune of “Beverly Hill Billies” )

Let me tell you a story of LSN.
A school of nursing we did attend.
We all signed up on that first day.
We packed our trunks and were on our way.

To MacKay St,  Pembroke.

The first thing we saw was the Pembroke General.
We all dreamed that anything was possible.
We spent our time, the next few years.
Studying nursing and shedding a few tears.

We all graduated with cap and pins applied
We loved our work and we did it with pride.
We all worked hard and kept our families fed.
Well, now there is one thing left to be said.

We would like to give thanks for all our teachers.
We studied our nursing and how to be healers.
We learned about illness and the joy of being human,
And hope we’re invited to the next Reunion!

Y’all come back now, Y’ Hear. !!!


Mary Burke Lever, Mary McKinnon Morris, Kathy Rosamond Pulcine, Juanita Allison Coburn
Barbara Wendorf Burke, Cathy Giroux Blais, Faye Dunn Antler, Paulette Cliche Gallagher