Welcome to the Lorrain School of Nursing's Web Site

Lorrain School of Nursing – 1916-1974
Pembroke, Ontario, Canada

This web site is intended to be one form of an historical record of the development of the School and its graduates, many of whom have become exemplary contributors to our society, both in their professional and personal lives.

Using files and yearbooks, we located documents which attest to Lorrain’s glorious and proud past. Melding this data with personal recollections and the history of nursing in Canada, we have produced a site for graduates and the public which bears witness to Lorrain’s story.

It is our hope that the web site will serve as a reminder to all Lorrain graduates of some of the best years of their young lives.

Special  thanks to Iris Klatt, my Lorrain classmate and long time friend, who worked with me to bring this site to fruition and Gisele (Gervais) Shields (Class of ‘60,  for her assistance in providing information and refreshing our memories about the days at Lorrain.


This web site creation is the first step to ensuring Lorrain’s story will be preserved electronically. We trust that we have reflected the past accurately.  We know that this web site can be better with your help and advice.  We welcome your comments and “memory refreshments”.

  • If you have documents or photographs or ideas about the Lorrain School of Nursing that you wish to share, please email us with details and other contact information at treenalemay@cogeco.ca


                Treena Lemay (Lang ‘68)      Iris Klatt (Schreader’ 68)    February 2012